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Harness AI-powered insights within Zendesk to quickly resolve support tickets and enhance your customer support.

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Quickly pinpoint answers to close tickets more effectively
Unleash leverages company knowledge within the Zendesk Suite, empowering agents with the ability to swiftly generate answers, resulting in faster ticket resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.
Empower decisions with
AI-enhanced insights
Provide agents in real time with Unleash's AI-driven recommendations, offering context-based articles, tickets, and more.
Convert tickets into knowledge
Got a ticket and there is no good answer in your knowledge base? Create a knowledge card with an answer so the bot can draw from it for future questions on the same topic.
Search and sharing simplified
Stay within Zendesk while seamlessly searching across company information with Unleash Spotlight-style Launcher and app, so you have what you need to close cases faster.

Your source for quick and trusted insights

Improve TTR in an instance

Lower support costs by helping your agents find information faster with generative AI and provide updates to customers without wasting time sifting through files.

Keep customers happy and smiling

With agents consistently providing reliable information, delight customers with the prompt and accurate resolution of their tickets, thereby boosting your CSAT tenfold.

Reliable company knowledge

Every single answer is meticulously drawn from your company's knowledge base, ensuring that the pertinent information you require is promptly delivered to you precisely when and where you need it.

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