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Say goodbye to company info-overload with collections -
where all related docs, links, and resources live in harmony!
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Transform your company information
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Organize knowledge into
curated collections
Have a big launch coming up? Someone new just joined your team?
Group important company resources and links into relevant collections and have all information stored in one place.
Your up-to-date

information hub
Want to see all Github issues assigned to your team? Want to see all your open leads in Salesforce?
Save a search query the results of which are automatically updated in real-time, eliminating the need for repeatedly searching the same query.
Make knowledge
accessible to all
Sometimes, there’s knowledge that’s equally relevant to your entire organization. And that’s totally normal! Share collections across your company or pin them to their homepage so that everyone has access to what they need to successfully do their jobs.
Wisdom warehouse for

your whole company
Organize knowledge with ease, using cards to categorize information into specific topics and subtopics, grouping them seamlessly into wikis.
Learn more about wikis
How teams use collections to improve support time
Elevate your customer support game by assembling carefully curated information collections for support agents. These resources will empower them to answer questions more efficiently, slashing the time they spend searching for solutions and ultimately enhancing support response times tenfold.

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