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What is Unleash and how does it work?
Unleash is an AI-based knowledge management solution that helps knowledge workers find and access information across various platforms and tools within their organization.
What types of content can Unleash index and search?
Unleash can index and search a wide range of content types, including documents, emails, files, chat messages, code, and more, across various integrated platforms.
Who can access the information retrieved by Unleash?
Unleash implements stringent permissions through Access Control Lists (ACL) at the user level to ensure privacy and confidentiality. This approach ensures that each user can only access information they are authorized to see. Furthermore, Unleash provides workspace administrators with comprehensive visibility and control over these permissions, enabling them to manage access rights effectively within their organization.
What languages does Unleash support?
Unleash support all common languages and is optimized for Latin languages.
How frequently does Unleash update its search index?
Unleash updates its search index in real-time or near real-time depends on the integration, ensuring that search results are always up to date.
What is the pricing structure for Unleash?
Unleash offers various pricing plans to suit different organizational sizes and needs. For detailed pricing information, please contact our sales team.
Is there a trial period for Unleash?
Yes, we offer a free trial period. If you are interested, please pop us a message and our sales team will contact you to set up your account.
Support & Training
What kind of support does Unleash offer?
Unleash provides comprehensive support including a help center, user guide, email support, dedicated Slack channels and account management for enterprise customers.
Does Unleash offer any training for new users?
Yes, Unleash provides online tutorials, webinars, and user guides to help new users get started. We also offer training sessions for enterprise clients.
Can I provide feedback or suggest features for Unleash?
We welcome user feedback and suggestions! You can submit your ideas through our feedback section on the Unleash app or contact our support team.
Is Unleash secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?
Yes, Unleash prioritizes data security and compliance with global privacy regulations, including SOC2 Type2, GDPR and more. Documents will be shared upon request. Our security measures and compliance details are available on our Security page.

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